Quiz/ Blues / ‘Busk It’ / Folk / Blue Grass Nights

The first Tuesday of the month is ‘Phil the Pipe’s’ Musical intro’s Quiz. Entry is just £1pp (Max of 4 in a team) with beery type prizes!

Now on the last Tuesday of each month we host an open mic night entitled ‘BUSK-IT’ which is a live band with an open mic where you can get up and play anything you like or sing any song you like and if the band know it they’ll play it for you and you can jam along as well or lead it if you know guitar or bass..

Every third Thursday upstairs in the Quakerhouse lounge there is an open mic electric/acoustic blues night hosted by Daniel Wragg and Alex Fawcett. It’s a real relaxing evening with some great blues!

We also host a folk night once a month on the last Thursday night, a group of guys come down and rehearse, playing some amazing Irish folk music which will make you tap your foot and bop your head. Its a great night and even if you don’t play an instrument or anything just come along and enjoy the group.

The last Sunday of the month we host or Bluegrass night with resident band Willow Creek.. another band that will get your feet stomping.

Check out the Dates for this years nights..


  • 6th – Phil the Pipes Quiz
  • 25th – Blues Lounge
  • 25th – Willow Creek
  • 27th – Busk It
  • 29th – Folk Gathering


  • 3rd – Phil the Pipes Quiz
  • 19th – Blues Lounge
  • 22nd – Willow Creek
  • 26th – Folk Gathering
  • 27th – Busk It


  • 3rd – Phil the Pipes Quiz
  • 19th – Blues Lounge
  • 26th – Folk Gathering
  • 29th – Willow Creek
  • 31st – Busk It


  • 7th – Phil the Pipes Quiz
  • 16th – Blues Lounge
  • 26th – Willow Creek
  • 28th – Busk It
  • 30th – Folk Gathering


  • 5th – Phil the Pipes Quiz
  • 21st – Blues Lounge
  • 26th – Busk It
  • 28th – Folk Gathering
  • 30th – Willow Creek


  • 2nd – Phil the Pipes Quiz
  • 18th – Blues Lounge
  • 25th – Folk Gathering
  • 28th – Willow Creek
  • 30th – Busk It
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