‘MAD SCIENTIST’ Micro Brewery

Beers will appear on a regular basis, on our bar, with a view to producing two beers a week.

Beers so far produced have been:~

Absence Of Light 4.5%. (Stout)

Alpha 3.8%. (Blonde)

Any Port In A Storm 5.3% (Porter)

Chede Nullis / Second To None 5.8% (Strong Porter) Birthday Commision Brew.

Chi 4.2% (Brown).

Cu 4.4% (Copper).

Cu 4.5% (Copper), New recipe.

Dawn 4.5% (Golden)

Egor Returns 4.0% (Brown).

Egor’s Revenge 3.8% (Brown).

Epsilon 4.4% (Bitter).

Eta Brown 3.8% (Brown).

Lambda 4.2% (Copper).

O^10 4.3% (Stout).

Omega 3.8% (Pale).

PSI 3.8% (Blonde).

Rho 4.1% (Blonde).

Rho 4.1% (EXTRA HOPPED).

Sierra 12 5.5% (5 Hopped Blonde) Birthday Commision Brew

Sigma 4.1% (Mild).

Space Oddity 3.8% (Golden).

Tao 4.5% (Bitter).

Tau 4.3% (Brown).

Zeta 3.8% (Blonde).

Check our ‘Beers’ page for availability.

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